How to Guides

You will submit your entries online via  Use the guides below to help you.

  • Overview is not just an online registration website.  See how you can use with your team.
  • Create an Account
    For a first time user, learn how to create an account.  Each coach will need to create their own account to access their school.
  • Lock school sign up
    One of the first steps you will want to do is lock your school sign up.  This will prevent others from trying to add themselves as a coach for your team.
  • Edit Team Info
    Now that you have an account, learn how to edit your team information.
  • Add additional coaches
    If you already have an account, learn how to sign up additional coaches for your school.
  • Edit Athletes
    Learn how to add athletes to your roster.  If your cross country coach uses, learn how to activate athletes from cross country for track.
  • Print confirmation
    Learn how to print a confirmation page.  You will need this page the day of the meet in case you think we made an error in the entries.